A Woman’s Worth

A Woman’s Worth

Every day women are bombarded with conflicting images and media messages that tell us we are lacking. Relentless consumption framed as self-improvement depends on the lie that we will never be enough. When we place the power to define who we are and our worth in someone else’s hands we lose value. We must engage our thoughts and recognize our individual journeys for what they are.  A transformative conversation engaging our body and soul. Not doing so leaves us disconnected from our authentic self. We must dare to be ourselves. Embrace fear, reject faking it and allow ourselves the opportunity to remain a bit vulnerable. Authenticity is the best recipe for personal success.

Dare to be yourself. It can be a revelation.  In these contemporary times of social media, the idea or image that is presented can be so far from the truth. There is no transparency. Being authentic is so much more than being honest with yourself.  It is realistically taking life and coping in the best way possible for yourself.  Its understanding that your personal worth should be a priority and owning your feelings.

Knowing your value means knowing what you value most. It’s really about where you place your own worth – not where others think you should place it – and standing up for that, owning it and respecting your journey.  This doesn’t happen overnight, so you cannot wait until your mortality is staring you in the face to discover what it is most important to you and makes you whole.  Go after your dreams with intention. Once you do, your own value – as a friend, a husband, a wife, a mother, a father and professional – will be obvious and you will live it every single day.


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