Easter Sunday Packed with Family Friends and Memories

Easter Sunday Packed with Family Friends and Memories

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday packed with family friends and memories. As we sat around the dinner table an interesting discussion arose about women, sexual identity and sacrifice. While surrounded by baby boomers, generation Xers and Nexters the seriousness of the conversation was evident. Morality has been lost, positive images of women have become scarce ,and flagrant biogtry is knocking on our door. This younger “jenner-dashian” nation have been raised by an X-box. Social networking and the Internet have changed the scope of everything that surrounds our daily lives and everyday people have become less accountable for their actions and increasingly obsessed with material possessions.

We are the foundation for our children. Our guidance, words, actions and commitment are the platform¬† for their consciousness. Not all of us but many are forgetting that we set the tone for who they will be. It is more than loving and providing for them. We need to set an example. We must remind our children of the importance in loving humankind, in repairing our communities and forgiving one another. Everyone speaks of the war abroad when the largest one is being fought right here. We cannot lose our children to a corrupt Society. They deserve better. Let us come together as and in unison demonstrate what the “New Family” is. It is acceptance and respect for one another. It is going back to the roots our parents and grandparents taught us, remembering our culture, respecting human life and being accountable for children in your care.

It was not so long ago when we remembered that raising a family is a collective effort. We can no longer sit back and observe our neighbors inability to provide structure. No one likes when you interfere or have an opinion on how they raise their children, but something has to change. There have been so many times when I have been told that I need to cut the umbilical cord and allow my sons a bit more freedom, but I am afraid. I constantly have other people’s children in my home because I don’t allow my sons to visit their friends houses. I do this, because I do not know how other people are raising theirs but I know how I am raising mine and I treat all of their children with respect and understanding and love; and it took me some time to get there.

This is a home that respects humanity and understands the importance of helping the needy and giving thanks to God every day. I am imperfect and would never assume to know better than any mother or father raising their children in this world but it needs to be a collective effort. We need to have each other’s back. It is then and only then then we will begin to see the difference. When your daughter turns on that television set she is seeing a version of herself. Our sons are seeing the same thing. We need to explain it and allow them the opportunity to have a discussion.¬† Let us bring forth the days where the family created the foundation for a child’s life. Open the door of discussion about all they see in their daily lives and bring it to the dinner table. It all starts there. Whether you are a grandmother raising your grandchildren a single mother raising a family a single father raising his family or a couple,¬† we must bring it back to our roots for a change to begin.


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