I Live In This Body -YOU DO NOT.

I Live In This Body -YOU DO NOT.

This is my soul, my being, my beauty and it has curves. Beautiful, sensuous, sexy curves. You cannot wait for someone to tell you what is OK. We must accept ourselves . Fashion designers don’t make samples above a size 6 . Does that seem realistic to you?  When you walk down the street do you see a size 6 in the majority? We must not allow the images that the Media continues to present as normal to be our  standard. They do not dictate our beauty. Curvy is beautiful.

We cannot continue to support a society that perpetuates the idea of skinny being healthy. Healthy is healthy. In 2015 I hit my goal weight of 161 pounds. It took me so long to recognize that the number meant nothing. The quality of life that I was living and the healthy environment I have set for myself is what truly mattered. This is my vessel and i am trying my best to care for her. That’s not so easy a task, especially when we are surrounded by a society that doesn’t recognize our curves as being the standard.  I am far from perfect, and that’s difficult enough to accept without the added pressure that our Latino culture and society places on us.

We need to change the norm and educate our daughters to respect and understand their bodies as being beautiful in whatever form they come. They don’t need the added peer pressure that comes with being what everyone expects. They are ours and we love them. The first thing that we need to do is remember what it was like for us at their age and respect their Journey. Let us sit back and acknowledge that nothing changes if nothing changes. It must come from us. Letting them know that a true appreciation of who and what they are as a human being far exceeds the importance of the physical. If we can, we should guide them into a healthier lifestyle not a skinnier one . Tell them to  respect their bodies and help them understand that it is a temple that needs to be cared for from the inside out. It starts with self worth.

Some people think it’s difficult to believe  when I tell them that I was much more confident  when I was heavier. That happened to me because I now had to become acclimated  with this physical change .  It works for some , and for others it doesn’t .  Had I worked on the internal before I worked on the external perhaps the outcome would have been different , but none the less  here I am with a plea. Look at your beautiful, intelligent, accomplished daughters today and remind them that they’re inside is so much more valuable then the out.


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