Speak Your Dreams Into Existence And Paint Your Masterpiece

Speak Your Dreams Into Existence And Paint Your Masterpiece

Through focused determination, passion and relentless will, you can propel your most imminent desires into fruition. A new job or career path, beginning your education and perhaps continuing it, writing a book, starting your own business or maybe just seeing the world through a new set of eyes, you can speak your dreams into existence by believing in yourself and your dream.

Let’s think about what could happen if we step outside our comfort zone. A lot of times, we let our comfort zones keep us from achieving the things we claim we want. And this doesn’t just apply to relationships; your dreams, career goals and deepest desires are often just a step out of the comfort zone. We must remain open to the idea that nothing is unattainable.  No matter the obstacle placed before us, we can and will preserve because we hold the key to our success. We must name it and claim it.

There is power in the words we create. Think of them as the paintbrush to the canvas of your life. The way you speak sends ripples through the waters of the universe; it affects everything and everyone around you. So as the artist with the brush in your hand, be sure to paint your masterpiece. You can have the most profound effect on others’ lives by taking the time to encourage them, to motivate them, or just give them friendly advice. Furthermore, you have the power of creating the circumstances you want in your life by simply speaking them into existence. Speak them consistently and speak them with conviction, and you can paint a work of art.

You are a work of art. The next time negativity or selfishness rears its ugly head, or a tribulation threatens your happiness, remember that there are no limits but the ones that you create. Every time you speak positively to yourself or someone else, you create a chance to change both your lives. No person has a more profound effect on your life than you. You were blessed with a blank canvas now go ahead and create your masterpiece.


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