The Glass Case

The Glass Case

A strong emotional response is understandable when faced with a situation that is new to you or one that causes some type of unexpected conflict. Taking a little time to yourself to sit back and evaluate the impact it has on your life can afford you the opportunity to skillfully evaluate or reluctantly obsess depending on your personality type.

I love how life continues to teach me lessons.  A constant barrage of ever changing experiences that continues to mold me.  I am never too old to learn and remain a firm believer that there is room for improvement in everyone, as we are less than perfect creatures and beautiful within those imperfections.  Most recently I have been in conflict with some of the decisions I’ve made. I have made choices in the past that at first worked for me, but as I evolve they no longer suit my vision.  I almost forgot about how precious I was and how worthy.  Now in my case, it’s an ongoing process filled with highs and a little lows but at the end of the day, remembering to take the time out for myself and be in my own thoughts for a while allows me to self-evaluate.  Recognizing that the most valuable of gifts I can distribute is the one I give myself.  It allows me to go back into the glass case.  The one behind all the racks where valuables are stored and even protected.

I’ve learned to stop fighting my feelings and starting to express them, even control how I handle them.  Letting it out instead of holding it in. A big part of that is being accountable for the decisions that I have made that did not work in my favor.  Accept them and move on.  Now this takes me a few days, as I tend to be very hard on myself when I’ve made the wrong choice or taken a bad step.  It’s not the end all be all, but I still am a work in progress and sometimes recognizing the mistake without banging my head against a wall over and over is easier said than done.  I need to care for myself right now in a way I am unaccustomed to.  We have to pay attention to what we need and feed that need.  Sometimes that need is a break.  A moment to say “No” without feeling angst or guilt, as a way of honoring what is right for you. A time-out of sorts that enables clarity.  In my case, I needed to examine positive and negative feelings constructively and honestly come to terms with the fact that I allow the circumstance by accepting it.  If I no longer accept it, than the circumstance changes. I control that and honestly sometimes it’s hard to submit to a much needed change in circumstances.  However, once you have taken the time to sit back and clearly identify what no longer feeds you, we begin to steer in a new direction that facilitates growth.  Your eyes begin to open and see things in a different light. We determine our worth by what we accept. There is nothing wrong with OVER-Valuing yourselves, its Under-valuing that creates friction. We are all fallible but need to learn for our mistakes nonetheless.  There is a quote that says “Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat it.”  Do things always turn out for the best?  NO!  But I need to be confident that I have done the best I can by remembering that every now and then Lola needs to go back in the Glass case where she belongs.


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