The Language of Kindness

The Language of Kindness

I live on the principle that a single act of kindness can spread to individuals across time. We must first however, learn to speak the Language of Kindness first. It all starts with the principle that giving is more fruitful than receiving. One of the easiest things to do to help change the world is spread kindness. It does not mean in the monetary sense but the spiritual and emotional one. A kind word, a gesture, a gentle positive reminder can move a mountain of Love towards the receiver and in turn open your life to the premise that not all is lost in the world. So often we forget to take the time out for humanity and, in fact, take many of our loved ones for granted. It’s important to remember to be kind because life can sometimes be terribly unkind. It can be relentless and often quite painful.

Being thankful is important. Did someone hold the door open for you today? Perhaps they picked up your papers from the copier and placed them on your desk or purchased a cup of coffee for you. Even better yet, did your children say I LOVE YOU this morning? Than thank them for it. Thank them for changing the environment and creating a mood of kindness to surround you on this blessed day. A day in which you have risen to enjoy another glorious sunrise. A day were the smiles and laughs of your loved ones fill your heart with overwhelming joy. Let us be grateful and thankful for life and the beauty it has to offer us. Spread that language of Kindness today as a reminder that not all is lost in the wake of turmoil. We are perfect in our imperfections, forgiving in our souls, united in our faith and grateful I our hearts.

Let us learn the Language of Kindness and begin to spread random acts throughout our day. We are not a nation of bigotry and hate as some would like to perceive. We have more good than evil and I would not be a woman of faith if I didn’t truly and honestly believe that. I am my brother’s keeper and have never forgotten when others have been unkind or judgmental towards me; because instead of allowing it to make me bitter, I am reminded of how much work there is to do. Loving mankind is loving yourself. Let us begin to learn the language of Kindness and continue engage one another in Love.


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