Titanium-Self Motivation Is A Daunting Task That Many Lack

Titanium-Self Motivation Is A Daunting Task That Many Lack

Titanium-Self motivation is a daunting task that many lack. Just the mere thought of change can wreak havoc on your stress levels. Sometimes seeing other people make changes gives us inspiration. But sometimes we just need to be in a painful place that we’d rather get out of. And so, if you’re in that painful place, allow yourself to feel the pain, and ask yourself whether it’s time for a change. Confronting the problem as opposed to avoiding it. Now, confronting is not acceptance, it is merely validating that the pain is there and you are willing to accept it for what it is and what it did, allowing you to move towards the next step.

Commit to yourself not the change. The change can happen in small stages through time allowing you to process your journey carefully and with emotional and spiritual growth. The real commitment needs to be the commitment to yourself and your accountability for the change you want to see. Someone else may be the catalyst behind my pain, but I am accountable for the way I react to it. Accountable for how much I will continue to allow it to affect me. Is It going to happen overnight? NO. Could you possibly fail? YES. However, we need to learn from failure not dwell on it. Forgive ourselves and break the circle of guilt and self-hate we might be carrying in our subconscious thoughts. Slowly but surely we begin building a strong framework with rods and bars and a staircase. Moving higher and higher.

Time and time again I hear “we accept what we think we deserve.” That speaks volumes to me as I continue to understand new things about myself. Sometimes it’s difficult to create new and empowering habits and leave behind those that tried to break our spirit or were self-destructive, but you can’t build a betterlife based on negativity. We must begin somewhere and that somewhere is in our own spirit. In our own Mind and in our own hearts. We mustn’t deprive ourselves from life’s joys simply because there are some dark days. It all has value and contributes to our journey. It is a struggle we need to be honest with because if we are not, the only person we are fooling is ourselves. Cultivating an atmosphere of spiritual, emotional and physical health is not impossible. There is no shame in feeling your pain, processing it and then moving to yet another stage. It’s important to validate your emotions and your behaviors. To identify what worked and what didn’t and then decide how to proceed. As I continue to work with Domestic Violence Victims/survivors and hearing their stories I am reminded that everyone is different and each situation relative to their journey. They should be equally respected and bring forth an experience that all can learn from. Traumatic experiences realistically change you, but we give them power. Why? The power is ours to give and to take away. When emotions are involved, sometimes we need to take a step back and view things logically. Love shouldn’t hurt. Find a support system, ask for help if you need it and remind yourself each morning when you awaken of your greatness. We all have the answers we need inside of us. Believe in your truth and live in it, walk of the staircase and leave the darkness in the basement where it belongs.

We are Titanium.


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