When The Chips Are Stacked Against You, That Is When You Will Rise

When The Chips Are Stacked Against You, That Is When You Will Rise

When the chips are stacked against you, that is when you will rise – When you have made the decision to take on a new journey, you begin to evaluate multiple options. Every moment you dedicate to your cause allows you to shift your perspective in a positive direction. You develop a robust desire to remove those obstacles and exchange them for discipline, perseverance and persistence.

You measure your individual success. It is not determined by how others perceive you but by the image you have of yourself.  The quality and tenacity with which you approach your work creates a personal standard.   You’re creating something for yourself and when you have reached your destination, you will then see that it is but a miniscule piece of what is to come.  Obstacles are good for us.  They allow us to bring forth the highest quality of our work and demonstrate our commitment to work ethics.

Let us nor forget that happiness is our birthright and our dreams are the golden path. We need to refuse to be sucked into uncertainty and remain vigilant of our future and what it brings.  There is not such word as “failure.”  Simply redirect the feeling it gives you to “EXPERIENCE.” No set back has the power to completely dismantle that which you have destined for.  Count your wins and your losses.  They demonstrate effort; your inability to never give up.  You are the champion of your choices and believing in your dream means obtaining it.  There is nothing and no one that can get in your way.  People will try, they may even attempt to divide those in your favor, but at the end of the day, you make your MARK.  Your footprint will leave a lasting impression on the world because you understand just how unique and unwavering your determination to succeed is.  You are merely scratching the surface for change.  How many successful people have fallen only to pull themselves up from the bootstraps to create a better version of themselves?   We must believe in our ability to create change.  To see the bigger picture and become greater than we were yesterday.  Ready to leave a legacy our children can follow and be proud of. Whatever the goal, the need, the desire, you must fight for yourself and be confident that change will come because you identified the most significant factor; YOU.



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